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Dear child has many names

How many names are there not on our dear potato. I call them POTATOES, or PLUGG. Of course, it depends on where in the world you live. But the very correct name for potatoes is SOLANUM TUBEROSUM (according to Carl von Linné). Otherwise, the name potato comes via English potatoes from the Spanish “patata”, which comes from a mixture of the name of sweet potato “batata”, and “papa”, which is the most common name in Spanish-speaking countries and is similar to “papa”. that the potatoes are related to the tomato and pepper, I did not do it at least before I started checking the facts. And clearly, the potato is one of our largest crops also internationally. If you want to dive deep into potato fact, I recommend that link to wikipedia or click here to see how I make my classic raw fried potato cake.

"this year I planted lots of potatoes"

I think it’s so much fun to grow potatoes. Partly because it gives so much harvest and is easy to care for. But also there are so many different varieties with different taste, texture and color. I have plants so much that I will not be able to eat it myself, so I have built a box that I put outside the gate at our house and sell – brilliant business.

One tip!

If you grow potatoes yourself, you may not know that it is very good to stop the plant back again in the soil. Check to see if there are any “buds” left in the root system. Water well in the hole and down with the plant again. At best, 1-2 crops can be obtained.

How to cook your potatoes perfectly!

  1. Scrub the potatoes carefully, but leave the peel behind (try to buy organic potatoes).
  2. Salt the water properly, it should be a real salt in the water.
  3. Different potato varieties have different cooking times, but my tip is to make sure you don’t cook too long. Stick with a knife or knit. Pour off the water when the potato just releases.
  4. Let the potatoes rest in the saucepan with a generous click of butter before serving.

Take a look at how I cook potatoes!

Happy Cooking - Good Cooking!

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