How to Bake in a Dutch Oven

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Baking in an "Dutch owen" has several benefits and is worth a try.

I think you should try to use a Dutch oven to bake your sourdough bread. It causes the steam to remain in the pot. The effect is the same as pouring a glass of water the first 10 minutes into an oven tray. And the heat becomes even in the Dutch Oven, and the bread becomes moist with a crispy crust.

Not so important, but if you want round bread use round casserole. Make sure to heat the pot at the highest temperature toy can get from the owen ( 250-275C) about: 20-30min before the bread is to be put in.

Here is my basic recipe for a good sourdough

PS /

My Dutch oven is from Ittala Hackman Tools and in the 90’s I was in the project team to develop that series.

First, get inspired, look how I did!

Let's start

1. After shaping the bread into a bun, allow it to ferment for 1 hour in a bowl with a floured kitchen towel.

2. Fold a piece of baking paper (parchment paper) twice. 

3. Make a cone shape. Measure from the center and add a few centimeters. Tear of the excess paper & voila a nice circle of paper. 

4. Flip the dough onto a plate.

5. And remove the towel without tearing the dough.

6. Score the bread; move the blade with confidence; faster strokes makes a cleaner cut. 

Dutch Oven Baking

7. Use the baking paper to help transfer the dough into the hot Dutch oven. 

8. Quickly return the hot pot back in to the oven with the lid on for 10 minutes. The dough will now start to rise.

Remove the lid after 10 minutes.

9. After about 20 minutes, measure the temperature. Remove the bread when the temperature is 95-97 degrees.

10. Voila, now you have moist bread with a crispy crust you can enjoy. 
Allow the bread to cool properly before cutting up a slice… enjoying it with butter.

Happy Baking - Good Baking

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