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Try the perfect drink appetizer

Fried sourdough "blinis" with Kalix bleak row

Learn how to bake your own sourdough bred - Buy your own Live Broadcast workshop!

Vichyssoise Chef Martino

A total review of how you manage to bake the best sourdough bread at home. 60 minutes exclusive livestream workshop just for you or your friends. We start with the history of the sourdough and how to get started going through the equipment to finish mixing the dough, learn how to shape it and finally bake it in the oven. 26-page e-book included and gift card for the recipient. Happy Baking -Good Baking,
Chef Martino.

Jerusalem artichoke chips

served with feta creme dip sauce...

A new snack is in the house...

Jerusalem artichoke

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Chef Martino

Bake your own sourdough bread...

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I'm back behind the saucepans

I am the chef who became a photographer and returned to become a chef (again).

Those who know me,

My journey began with my restaurant Villa Fridhem, which became amongst the top 10 restaurants in Sweden in the 90s. This later led to a career as a photographer with 15 cookbooks in both Scandinavia and the US. Among my many assignments over the years there have been jobs for Premium brands like Bentley, Vouge, ELLE, Vanity Fair Travel etc. Have a look at my photography at

The game changer...!

By chance, last summer, I ended up behind the saucepans again, on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea, cooking from morning until late night. I was honoured by the guests with the nickname “Chef Martino”. In a flash, I got the feeling back of what it was like, back in the days at my restaurant 25ish years ago. And I liked it…


” So I decided to get back into cooking and combine it with my photography, in a sense merging my two passions, and thereby make videos and recipes that I am happy to share with you….”

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