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The story about Chef Martino

Those who know me,

know that I started my career in the kitchen with my own restaurant wich became one top 10 in Sweden in the 90s. Which later led to a career as a photographer with 15 cookbooks in both Scandinavia and the US, among my many assignments for Premium brands like Bentley, Vouge, ELLE, Vanity Fair Travel and so on over the years.

Have a look at my photography www.martinlof.com

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The game changer….
By chance, last summer, I ended up behind the saucepans again, on a yacht in the Mediterranean sea, cooking from morning until late night. I was honoured by the guests with the nickname “Chef Martino”. In a flash, I got the feeling back of what it was like, back in the days at my restaurant 25ish years ago. And I liked it.
So I decided to get back to cooking combined with my photography and make videos and recipes to share with you.

After that I thought, I have so much knowledge that is not being used, other than cooking for the family and my loved one. So I decided, why not film what I cook and cut together a film with recipes and share it?

Here we go, take it or leave it!

/ Chef Martino

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