Per Morberg lagar vilt

Together with my friend Per Morberg we did this book. Wild meat, wild caught fish and wild plants. Natural, useful and as far away from the food industry as you can get. So why don’t we eat more wild ingredients?

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Per Morberg’s freezer and pantry are filled with everything he has hunted, fished and picked in the forest. In his new book he talks about how he prepares moose, deer, reindeer, deer, wild boar, hare, wild goose, wild duck, rapeseed, pheasant and rip, when in season fish such as cod, trout, geese, whitefish and perch are at their best and what green delicacies he usually fetches in nature. But above all he offers 100 new recipes for everything from peppery deer ridge with red wine sauce to elk souvlaki with Greek farm salad, plum-packed wild boar, pheasant with red coleslaw, butter roasted pork with chanterelles and mazarine cake with the forest berries.

A new cookbook à la Morberg, wilder than ever! For hunters, fishermen, mushroom and berry pickers – and anyone who buys their game in the store.

The book is in Swedish

1 recension av Per Morberg lagar vilt

  1. Mårten Nilsson

    Mycket bra bok för alla som vill pröva på att hämta råvaror från det vilda

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