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My home grown 100% organic zucchini seeds gives an incredibly good harvest. And to get a good start, it is best to grow the plants indoors. It takes 4-6 weeks for the seedlings to grow to a sufficient size to be planted out. Have in mind that zucchini is frost sensitive and preferably has around 12 degrees in the soil when planted out. Sowing should therefore be done sometime in April-May depending on where you live.


Have a look how I cook my zucchini “Fiori di zucca fritti”

12 seeds / in each package.


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As I already told you! To be safe, start growing indoor and put two seeds at two centimeters deep in a small plastic pot with seed soil. Water through and place in a mini greenhouse or a transparent plastic bag tied at the top. The soil should then be kept moist, but must not become acidic.
As soon as the seeds cave no cover is needed but now it is important with a lot of light.
Cut off the weakest germ if both seeds germinate or divide them gently.
When the plant has four leaves, you retrain (transplant) to a larger pot with planting soil. As soon as it gets warm enough, you start to soften the plant a week before planting it.


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Dimensions 15 × 20 cm


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